Rock Branch Horse Shows


July 25th - Alisa Berry

August 1st - Emily Guyer

Sept 5th - Davera Ackenbom

Sept 26th - Erin Grampp


Rules and Specifications 

 Pre-Short Stirrup: Open to riders 10 and under. Rider may be asked to walk, trot and perform simple equitation tasks. No cross entry into any cantering classes. BHSA recognized division.

Pony Pleasure: Open to all ponies 14.2h and under in hunter tack ridden by junior riders. VHSA Associate and BHSA recognized division. 

Short Stirrup Equitation: Judged on rider's (12 and under) equitation. Riders are not allowed to cross enter into classes where they jump over 18" inches. Course may be trotted. BHSA recognized division. 

Short Stirrup Hunter: Open to horses and ponies ridden by riders 12 and under. May not cross enter into any other VHSA Associate Divisions except Pleasure and VHSA Equitation on the Flat. VHSA Associate recognized division. 

Beginner Hunter: Open to horses and ponies. Course my be trotted. Jumps to be 18"

Student Equitation: Riders in their 1st or 2nd year of showing at 2' or higher as of December 1st of the current show year. Riders competing are limited to two years only theater competing over fences or not. Judged as an equitation division. Course may be trotted. BHSA recognized division. 

BHSA/VHSA Pony Equitation: Open to junior riders only on ponies. Judge may call back at lease 1/4 of the class for flatwork. Can only show in one equitation class per show except VHSA Equitation on the Flat . VHSA Associate and BHSA recognized division. 

Pony Hunter: Open to ponies 14.2h and under ridden by junior riders only. Fences for small at 2'; Medium at 2'3"; large at 2'6". VHSA Associate and BHSA recognized division. 

Low Hunter: Open to all horses or ponies. No restrictions on riders. Adults may ride ponies not entered in Pony Division.

BHSA/CHSA Equitation on the Flat: To be shown at a walk, trot and canter. May be split into three classes if entries warrant. VHSA Associate recognized division. BHSA recognized division. 

Horse Pleasure: Open to all horses in hunter tack. VHSA Associate recognized division. BHSA recognized division.

VHSA/BHSA Associate Thoroughbred Hunter Division: This is limited to horses who are registered with or eligible to be registered with the Jockey Club. In order to accrue VHSA Associate points, the height for this division shall be no lower than 2'6". The VHSA Associate Thoroughbred Hunter division may not be combined with any other VHSA Associate recognized division. Horses must be registered with the VHSA and owners must be current VHSA members in order to accrue points towards VHSA Associate year-end awards.

Green Pony/Green Hunter: Open to horses in their 1st or 2nd year of showing in any classes that require horses to jump the designated height for green horses. Also open to ponies in their 1st year of showing in any classes that require ponies to jump the designated height for a green pony. Ponies may only be ridden by juniors. Fences for small at 2'; medium at 2'3"; large/horse at 2'6". May be split horse/pony if entries warrant. VHSA Associate and BHSA recognized division. 

BHSA/VHSA Children's/ Adult Amateur Equitation: Junior and adult amateur riders mounted on horses. Judge may call back at least 1/4 of the class for flatwork. Can only show in one equitation class per show except VHSA Equitation on the flat. VHSA Associate and BHSA recognized division. 

Children's/ Adult Amateur Hunter: Open to junior or adult amateur riders on horses only. VHSA Associate and BHSA recognized division. 

Working Hunter: Open to junior or adult amateur riders on horses or pony to be shown at 3'

- Classes follow rules and specifications set forth buy the USEF, VHSA and BHSA. 

- Judge's decision is final.

- Proof of negative Coggins on all ponies and horses (current within one year) is required at registration. This report is also required for horses or ponies who travel to the show but do not enter any classes.

- The Rock Branch Horse Show is a VHSA Associate and BHSA Member show.

- Membership forms are available at the secretary's booth, but must be completed and turned in by the end of the show for points to count. Membership in VHSA or BHSA is not required to compete in this show. 

- All entry forms and signed waivers must be completed by the participant or by a parent/ guardian or trainer for juniors.  Waiver only needs to be completed and signed once per year. 

- All riders, when mounted must wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet.

- Proper tack and attire required. In extreme heat, coats my be excused at the judge's discretion. 

- Junior riders are those 17 and under as of December 1, 2019. All ages are as of December 1st 2019. 

- Six ribbons will be awarded in each class. Champion and Reserve ribbons will be awarded in each division.

- Please leave dogs at home

- Fee for returned checks is $45

- Unjudged rounds are permitted for the regular class fee, each round. 

- Divisions may be combined, split or canceled at the discretion of the show management.

Any questions or disputes that are not covered in the above Rules and Specifications or in any other section of this prize list, shall be subject to the decision of the show management. 

The Rock Branch Horse Shows LLC management, volunteers and property owners are not responsible for any accident or injury to spectators, riders, handlers, their property or possessions. Entering the show grounds constitutes and acceptance of this policy.

Year end prizes will be awarded to Series High Point Chanpion and Reserve Champion in each division including equitation. 



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